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Why RiotModels? Here is why!


Payouts on RiotModels are fast and secure. There are several convenient options how you, as a Model, can get access to your hard-earned money, including ATM withdrawals.

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Featured Profile

Your profile can get even bigger exposure and potential increase in corresponding profits by being included in to "Are you a Model?" section on the RiotModels's home page. Shoot us a message and we may arrange it for you!

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Subscription Tiers

To deliver a custom-tailored content to the right audience and in order to gradualy reward the Subscribers, our Models may utilize the tiered subscription plans. Your subscribers will appreciate a chance to choose!

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Custom Goals

To track and share your progress as a Model on our platform, set up Goals - the measuring system that will incourage your subscribers to pledge in a meaningful manner.

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Direct Messaging

You can engage in direct communication with your Models or Subscribers via our internal secure private messenger.

Trust Period

To address the content skimming and other unwanted behaviors by subscribers, we introduced the option called Trust Period.

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Anti-Scraping Protection

Those who are concerned about their content being scraped - you can enable CAPTCHA test now.

When enabled, your Subscribers will be presented with the CAPTCHA test every 24 hours in order to access your content.

You can turn it on or off anytime you want.

Detailed Analytics

Provides comprehensive insight into your profile page performance and metrics useful for adjusting your marketing initiatives. All data is broken to four sections: "Model Profile Income", "Tiers Breakdown", "Subscription" and "Geography".

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a free tools you can use to make educated decision on your marketing strategies. Integrate your existing Google Analytics code to track and analyze your profile's performance on RiotModels. No coding skills required.

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Rich Posting Functionality

Schedule posts, post videos, pictures, audios. Write stories.

Interactive Polls

Engage your audience with simple and effective Polls that can be embedded in your content. No coding skills or third-party accounts required.


For our Models to be effectively discovered - and therefore to be earning more - we introduced Categories: the way to clusterize all similarly themed profiles, adding more exposure to each of them.

Two-factor Authentication

Just to add an extra level of protection for your account, you can enable a two-factor authentification. This can be done from within your Account Settings page. When enabled, two-factor authentification mechanism will require you to verify a login via email we send you.

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We automatically account for VAT during the subscription process. To relieve our Models from the necessity to handle VAT, we collect and make VAT payouts in timely manner.

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